Shopping District rules

  • You must pay one diamond block for every plot of 100 blocks of area. That can be an area of 10x10 or could be 1x100. If your plot is 101 blocks, then you must pay 2 diamond blocks. Each plot is considered separate. A plot is considered an area with a building on it, including landscaping, etc. This means if you have two buildings that are each on a 50 block plot, then you still have to pay 1 diamond block for each plot.

  • Paiement for the land must be placed in front of your shop and the mayor will put it on the pile.

  • Your shop must have your name and your shop's name posted and fairly easy to find. This can be as simplistic or creative as you desire.                

  • Shops must be stocked. Owners must be active in keeping inventory stocked. If not, the shop will be auctioned as is, or may be removed entirely. When shops are not in stock for a noticeable duration of time, or there is a lack of player activity the shop will be forfeit to SD .

  • Make sure your shop is stocked before opening. Half stocked shop can't be opened !

  • Keep your prices fair. Competition is allowed, and is in fact encouraged, but don't undercut with ridiculously low prices. Sales are acceptable but again, keep prices fair. Feel free to ask people how much they would be willing to pay for what you're offering.

  • Its a common area so put some effort in your builds.