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Server rules

          Disclaimer: The Administration team reserves the right to punish any member; regardless of whether or not the rule is specifically covered below. These rules are to be taken as guidelines which cover general scenarios. Common sense should be used where possible as to what is right and wrong if a specific situation is not covered. If you are unsure whether something is considered rule-breaking, ask a member of the admin staff before doing it. It is a player's responsibility to know the rules or ask whether something is rule-breaking beforehand. We will not accept any “but I didn't know” excuses in punishment appeals. The following rules are subject to updates and changes at the discretion of the admin staff at UnitedMC.

General Game Rules:

  1. ) No Disrespect, Harassment or Inappropriate Content. This is a mature server and jokes are welcome, but do not disrespect, harass or post/say inappropriate or intentionally hurtful content. There is a fine line between having "banter" with players, but as soon as it falls under this rule, it is not banter. This pertains to both the discord chat and the in-game chat.

  2. ) English only in the chat. There are many people from all over the world who craft here at UnitedMC, we ask that you use English as the common language of communication in public discussions.

  3. ) No Spamming. Do not send multiples of the same message. Warnings will be given. Punishment will be swift.

  4. ) No Advertising. You are not allowed to advertise other servers.

  5. ) No Hacking. Using hacked clients, X-ray mods, X-ray texture packs, bugs, glitches, exploits, mods that alter your Vanilla experience, or anything else that is considered hacking is strictly prohibited. You will be banned straight away if this rule is broken.

  6. ) No Autoclicking. Anything involving autoclicking is not allowed.

  7. ) No Duping. Dupes of any kind are NOT allowed. This includes TnT dupers, carpet dupers, etc.

  8. ) No Base Raiding. Raiding bases is not allowed. It doesn't matter if the player is banned or hasn't logged on in a year.

  9. ) No Griefing. No destroying or taking items that are not yours. This includes anything public.

  10. ) If you want to use someone’s farm you must ask first. This includes taking anything already in the chests and/or if you farm it yourself without permission. This counts as stealing and will result in you being banned.

  11. ) PVP is on a consent only basis. This is not a PVP server. No killing people unless you have their permission to fight.

  12. ) Label your property with your name. To avoid confusion please label any and all of your bases, projects, portals, shops, etc. Mark your base on the Dynamap. Any unclaimed properties can be used by others! There are resources for dynamap usage in the discord.

  13. ) Build 200+ blocks away from other builds.

  14. ) The Shopping District will be used for shops and community builds only. See shopping district rules for specific guidelines pertaining to building restrictions.

  15. ) Collaboration is permitted. If you make friends and want to be close, then do it! Working together to make every farm does defeat the purpose of the shopping district, so please collaborate responsibly.

  16.  No Lag-Heavy farms/bases, no entity-cramming farms and no flushing mobs farms. Thanks to the water updates these kind of “flush” farms create too much lag, therefore they are not allowed.

  17. ) No bases at Ocean Monuments. Guardians cause large amounts of lag thanks to the the guardians spawning constantly. You may build guardian farms, just not a base there.

  18. ) No groups of lag heavy machines at your base. Having an iron farm, tnt tree farm, and thirty other machines running at the same time while you're just building, is not allowed. Use discretion. Consider an industrial district, or an on/off switch on farms to stop this from being an issue.

  19. ) Don’t build bases in The End

  20. ) Keep it in the Overworld. You may build a secondary base in the nether but keep your main base in the Overworld!

  21. ) The End will be reset at the admin team's discretion and without notice, meaning progress will be lost.

  22. ) AFK and farming . Be reasonable when using public farms. No AFK-ing at public farms. AFK-ing at personal farms is allowed, as long as it follows the below AFK farming rules. AFK farming at other crafter's farms must be in accordance with rule 10.

  23. ) No anti-AFK machines. You should not build anything that will prevent you from automatically becoming AFK. No AFK fishing or AFK fishing machines. These are not allowed due the rare loot one can get for doing basically nothing.

  24. ) Environmental Impact. PLEASE do not destroy/level biomes. Pick up your stuff and respect that you are not on a single player world. Others will see the disaster you cause and we do want to keep the natural beauty of the world intact.

  25. ) Since 1.14 was release , villagers are the cause of massive lags. Therefore a single player can only have 25 loaded at a time, in a 128 block radius from him .