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UnitedMC is a whitelist Hermitcraft inspired server designed by Brolafe. We are founded on the principles of making a community everyone can belong to. We have an active, mature community, along with a dedicated staff that wants to ensure the best possible gameplay. Districts are setup just like HermitCraft. We are looking for quality over quantity keep this in mind when applying. We will be hosting monthly events for our community to ensure comradery along with holiday events. We use a discord server for all communication. If you love Hermitcraft this is the server for you!


About UnitedMC

Welcome to United MC! We are a server with builders who enjoy a community vibe, and have a love for Hermitcraft. Here at UnitedMC we are focused on building and creating a server we can all be proud of. While you are allowed to farm for everything you need to facilitate your build, we highly encourage you to make use of the community shopping district. If you are playing for diamonds then this is not the place for you. Community is important so show your support by participating in games and activities, buying from shops to keep the economy alive, and helping your fellow crafters! Respect your fellow crafters, admins and mods; we are all here to enjoy the server together.

More info :

  • This is not a short-term server nor is this a forever server. We will have multiple seasons. 

  • You will need to mark your base on the dynamap. Please be sure to do this once you have chosen a spot so we know where you are located and that you have claimed this land. Any unmarked land can be claimed by others. See server rules for more information.

  • We will not be using ranks. We feel ranks are not necessary and do not bring a positive element to the game. We wish for crafters to experience a Hermitcraft-like community, so ranks will not be included in our community at UnitedMC.

  • You will be able to AFK for a maximum of 4 hours per day. This will be the same for all players. We do not want to over flow the shopping district with excessive amounts of materials, we want to keep the economy healthy. See server rules for more information.


Datapacks and Plug-ins

Nothing gamebreaking

Only Plug-Ins used are for server administration (Anti griefing, anti X-ray and Coreprtotect) and Dynmap .

Here is the list of datapack curently installed :

  • ​Afk Display

  • Anti enderman grief

  • Armor statues

  • Coordinates HUD

  • Custom Nether portals

  • Durabilitu ping

  • Fast leaf Decay

  • Kill empty boats

  • More mobs heads

  • Multiplayer sleep

  • Nether portal Coords

  • Player head drops

  • Silence mobs

  • Track Statistics

  • Wandering traders Hermit Edition

Anything can be added as long as it's not gamebreaking.

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